Problems with your order

We take great care in handling your order throughout the process, but of course it is possible that you are not satisfied with the service. We are here to help you and fix the problem for you.

Problems with checkout

The checkout process on the website is as much streamlined as possible for your convenience. Please follow the instructions here on how to place an order. If no shipping services are available, please check the address you have entered. Especially postal code, state if applicable, and country are important to be correct. Some countries we cannot service unfortunately, if in doubt you can contact customer support

Issues with payment of your order

We offer a variety of payment options on checkout depending on your location. If your payment was refused you will be redirected back to our website so you can make another attempt. If this isn´'t the case, normally you will receive an email from the system with instructions on how to do another attempt. If a technical error has occurred during the payment, please contact website support using the form. 

I have not received an order confirmation

Upon placing the order the system will send you an automated email confirming you have placed an order. If you have not received this, please check your spam box of the email address provided upon checkout. Normally you will receive a confirmation of your order, but in some cases we may need to validations (i.e. VAT number, payment., delivery address, etc) before confirming your order. This is a manual process that may take a few hours to complete.

Delays with shipping your order

If during placing the order everything was in stock, your order should ship the same day. During busy periods however we might be unable to fulfill all orders placed just before cut-off, so your order will ship the next workday.  In case you haven't received a tracking number feel free to contact us to check if anything is halting shipment of your order.

Package lost or tracking stalled

Using regular tracked shipping for orders may take a few days to a week before they are updated between leaving The Netherlands to your country. This is normal and not something to get worried over, once the parcel has received the country of destination the tracking will be updated. In most cases the parcel either gets delivered to you with a slight delay or it will be returned to us. If in doubt contact customer support to start an investigation to locate your products.

The package was damaged

Accidents during transport unfortunately are common and we try to package your products with care to make sure they arrive safely. So normally a damaged box is not something to worry about. If products have been damaged during transport please contact customer support with your order number and pictures of the packaging so we can rectify the problem.

Missing products from your order

If you are missing products, please check the email send by the system first. Your order may have been shipped in multiple packages for logistical reasons and it is common that parcels get split up during transport, causing them to be delivered as different dates. If you are sure you have have received all shipments, please contact customer support with your order number, so we can send out the missing items as quickly as possible to you.

Changing your order

There is a limited time between placing your order and fulfillment, but we are here to help you if possible. Please call us during office hours or send an email to customer support with your order number and 'change order' or similar in the subject.

Other questions

If you have a problem that is not listed above, feel free to contact customer support. For a speedy resolution, make sure to include your order number if applicable.

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